Legacy Audio is proud to announce the future of amplification: the new i·V high performance Amplifier Series. Available in 2, 5, 7 and 8 channel configurations, this new amplifier technology provides unprecedented power in a cool running package. Ideal for two channel and the emerging needs of the highest level Atmos surround sound systems.

With up to 660 Watts into 4 ohms for the 7 channel i·V7 and 1,000 Watts into 4 ohms for the stereo i·V2, you may wonder…

Why do I need more power?

It is a common misunderstanding that overpowering a speaker will damage it. On the contrary, under powering can damage a speaker and will result in a loss of sound quality due to clipping.

Here is a piece of music as measured with the Legacy i·V2 amplifier- notice the vertical peaks are present because the amplifier provides extra power for the peaks of transients:

As the dynamic peaks in music place demands on an amplifier, if the amplifier doesn't have enough peak power on hand to keep up, the transients in your music are being cut off.

Here is the same piece of music with another amplifier that doesn't provide enough extra power. Notice the transient peaks are cut off and you are not hearing everything in your music or the full potential of your speakers:

Many speakers, including Legacy speakers, while designed to work well with small powered amplifiers, will truly realize the fullest performance potential with more power.

The Legacy i·V High Performance Amplifier Series. No Limits.

A higher powered amplifier doesn’t mean you have to listen at loud levels, it works similar to a high performance car. Having more power on hand is like picking a car with V6 or V8 engine. All things being equal in these cars, they will both get you up to 60 mph. The experience of driving these cars is much different, though- as you push down on the gas pedal, the V8 will respond much more quickly. While this comparison is between two different technologies, a car is a helpful analogy that many are familiar with. In addition to hitting the performance ceiling of the V6 faster, you will also be limited by its potential- it’s always best to have the power on hand to maximize the performance of your speakers.

How do you get so much power?

Each i·V series utilizes ICEedge®, the latest in amplifier technology, which has been in development for 7 years. This technology allowed Legacy to design the i·V amplifier with exceptional power, very high current (i) and voltage (V) for stability into low impedances with a peak output current capability of 38A. They also achieve incredibly low distortion (the iV2, for example, is only 0.005% THD while putting out 1,000 watts per channel.)

The front facing meter on the all aluminum chassis encloses this highly efficient, cool running technology that allows the amplifier to pull very little power from the wall, and produce incredibly low heat. The 2, 5, 7 and 8 channel configurations futureproof you and allow the i·V series to expand as your Atmos system grows.

While the Legacy Powerbloc amplifiers provide the best performance at their price point ($1,800 for the Powerbloc2) the i·V series provides the best performance possible, period.

After over 30 years designing world class high performance speakers for audiophiles and professionals alike, we are proud to introduce an amplifier worth waiting for. The amplifier with the power and performance to bring out all of the details in your music- the Legacy i·V series.

Available Late Fall 2019

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